December 13, 2011

Accepting losses with grace

Sooner or later you are going to lose some. Beginners typically suffer because of this condition and their common mistakes. Continually they use untrustworthy techniques that fail to provide a decent profit. Or in some cases they depart trading plans just on impulse because things are not going the manner they envisioned. Others hold on to losing placement telling themselves "it will turn" when every indicator says otherwise basically because they cannot tolerate the very thought of losing.

Take a close look at what's been taking place, try to identify the difficulty. If you look close enough you will see a pattern.
You have got to break out of old patterns and see things in a new light. What can be done to revisit a fact?
There's a lot that can be done. Firstly, ensure you aren't trading under pressure. One of the best solutions is to trade small.

The more small the trade the less the strain, particularly for the beginner. The second thing you can do is to be certain you've a life.
Trading can be addictive particularly when you're winning. Don't put all of your emotional eggs in the trading basket. You really need to have other roles that give your life meaning and purpose.

Many traders make the gaffe of thinking they can control the markets. We must learn how to accept anything that comes our way and to trade sensibly. It's true also that to achieve success on this journey you can't afford to lose too much.

Manage risks and just accept what you get and revel in the ride. This way you may trade more readily and imaginatively. Write out your trading plan with exact exit and entry points. And most importantly set your stops and psychologically decide you won't break them.

You will always have losing trades, accept them with grace and go on to the subsequent trade.

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